photo-dr.-harrington-01-colorHello, I am Dr. H. James Harrington and I welcome you to the Harrington Management Systems' consulting services and training website. We have been involved in innovation, reliability, quality, performance improvement, strategic planning and organizational alignment projects since the 1950s and I am often referred to as one of the original “quality gurus” (... another reference). Over the years we have selected an outstanding team of highly experienced management consultants that work with us at Harrington Management Systems.

Harrington Institute provides a wide range of professional services that are directed at performance improvement in government and production/services industries. These services are further customized to meet the needs and culture of the individual client. The major categories of these services are :


Harrington Institute provide the  certifications in the area of Lean Six Sigma , Project  Management and Supply Chain Management. In the area of Lean Six Sigma, Harrington Institute provides the certifications for Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. Similarly, certifications are provided for project management and supply chain management. HI also provides certifications for TRIZ.

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Harrington Institute provides standard and customised trainings in the area of TQM, Innovation Management, project Management, Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18001, SAP and ERP.

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Harrington Institute also offering certificate and diploma courses in the area of quality and supply chain management.

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